Towel City Retreading Co.

14" Drag Tires

Our Broad Range of Drag Tires hasn't forgotten about your small car or your classic drag car!

That is why we are offering two sizes in 14" Drag tires packed with the same performance and quality.  Both tires have a full slick tread for optimal hook up potential and come with our Super Soft Rubber Compound.  No more being handicapped in Drag Racing due to the fact you have 14" Rims.  With these tires the playing field is leveled and its your turn to fly down the strip!


195-60-14  7" Drag Slick

(Intended for use on Front Wheel and Rear Wheel Drive Cars)
$79.00 ea. + S&H


225-70-14 8" Drag Slick
(Intended for use on older model cars that came stock with 14" rims)
$89.00 ea. + S&H

*** Both sizes will have the same full slick tread with the 195-60-14 having a 7" tread width and the 225-70-14 having a 8" tread width. 

*** Availability is based upon casing accessibility so please call for inventory status.

Towel City Racing Tires are intended for Racing Purposes only.  They are not intended for Street use.  There is no warranty expressed or implied on any Towel City Racing Tires.  Tires should only be mounted by Trained Professionals and improper mounting practices can cause injury or even death.  Due to the conditions under which they operate no warranty, guarantee or liability is offered. 

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