Towel City Retreading Co.

Traditional Cheater Slick


Our Traditional Cheater Slick has a blocked tread design with a wide full slick center contact patch.  Features include a solid shoulder tread with a stylish smooth sidewall.  This styling provides for a clean and polished look.  Many of our customers have noted that they like the fact that this tire has the smooth and elegant styling of a true to date vintage tire while also having an aggressive street slick tread design.  This allows your car to have the vintage feel drivers want while still having that custom Hot Rod appearance.

Traditional Cheater Slicks are available in both 
8" and 9" tread width and both have an overall diameter of 28.75" for a 15" rim.  Pricing includes removing all lettering from the sidewall for a smooth nostalgic look!

*** Pricing ***
  8" Wide      $170.00
  9" Wide      $185.00

 (Add $40.00 for Wide White Wall)

We ship UPS daily.  Please contact us for shipping charges to your ZIP.



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